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clarify your mission and re-ignite your creative mojo

Clarify Your Mission and Re-ignite Your Creative MOJO!

Welcome to Bucket List Retreats, the home of joyful, juicy breaks for women entrepreneurs…

Think of your perfect vacation dream destination, combined with a sublimely creative business mastermind… that’s what we have in store for YOU.

We design, plan and host exquisitely fun and re-energizing getaways that unleash your fun, creative side… so you can apply it for maximum impact in your business.

Running your own business is an awesome adventure…but let’s face it…there’s not a lot of downtime.

So many entrepreneurs struggle with overwhelm yet feel guilty anytime they’re not doing something ‘productive’. That’s why our Swoon-Worthy Getaways are the ideal solution.

Imagine working ON your business, mindset and lifestyle with an amazing group of like-minded entrepreneurs in a captivating Bucket List destination…

  • Stepping away from the constant flood of demands and interruptions and focusing your business more clearly
  • Taking art classes by the ocean with our resident artist to release your creativity
  • Mind-calming yoga classes with the soothing sounds of the nature as your  backdrop
  • Luscious gourmet meals that tantalize your taste-buds and nourish your body (you wouldn’t be the first person to lose a few pounds while eating this to-die-for cuisine)
  • Frolicking in the clear, blue ocean
  • Sleeping like a baby
  • Sunset cocktails with your toes in the sand
  • Masterminding with an intimate group of inspired entrepreneurs (and perhaps even potential clients and JV partners)

You’ll return fully refreshed and ready to play a bigger game in the shortest and most mind-blowing time imaginable.

Get Clear.

Take a well-deserved break from the never ending busy-work of your day to day business to reflect and gather your thoughts without distractions or pressure. Feel the everyday stresses melting away as your body, mind and spirit are nourished in an atmosphere of positive energy and light-hearted inspiration.

Get Creative.

There’s nothing like a week of creative heaven in a bucket-list destination to blow away the cobwebs and help you come up with dazzling ideas to move your business and life forward. Bucket List Retreats are specially designed to help you leverage fun and creativity to unlock the potential and profit in your business.

ROCK Your Business.

They say your success is a direct reflection of the people you spend most time with. That’s why you can’t afford not to spend quality time with like-minded, high-energy entrepreneurs. Here, you’ll network, frolic AND harness the stunning power of the group mastermind to propel YOUR business to the next level.

Bucket List business mastermind retreats are hands-down THE most fun and insightful way to grow your business. Kelly is a delightful bundle of fun and great energy — and she thinks of EVERYTHING! If you want a guilt-free, relaxing break with amazing women and killer ideas to improve your profitability, then find out where Kelly’s going next and book your spot NOW. You’ll be SO glad you did!

Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards

Founder & CEO, Kickass Impact

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