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I’m Kelly Morgan Merly and it’s my pinch-me-so-I-know-I’m-not-dreaming pleasure to plan, organize and host swoon-worthy getaways for fabulous entrepreneurial women like you!

I personally take women entrepreneurs on mojo-reviving creative retreats to bucket list destinations about 4 times a year… AND I also offer a complete done-for-you retreat organization service for those entrepreneurs who want to leverage their income and impact by hosting their own out-of-this-world getaways.

In other words, I do all the leg-work and you get to show up and simply have FUN – pretty sweet, huh?

I discovered my passion for travel when I was 12 years old. I flew, by myself, from Seattle to Reno to visit my Grandmother…this felt like an especially big deal for my younger self, a child-cancer survivor of Neuroblastoma, a nervous system cancer.

I’ve been hooked to adventure and the adrenaline that new experiences create ever since.


About Me


Originally from Alaska, my husband and I relocated to Arizona in 1986 and fell in head over heels in love with the wild beauty of the desert (and each other of course).

Amongst other things, I am a proud mother of two, a doting grandmother of one, a registered travel agent, radio show host, avid crafter, animal-lover, reader, hiker… and a Real Housewives fan (my guilty pleasure).

I am passionate about connection, joyous celebration, adventure and the amazing transformational power of travel.

It has transformed my life and business and I’m excited to show you how it can transform yours too.

Ongoing Adventures

When I’m not in some exotic destination, hosting or arranging travel for awesome women to uplevel their energy and impact, you’ll find me traveling with my husband as we check all 50 states off OUR bucket list.

We’re at 37 states and counting… with our own ever expanding list of swoon-worthy moments, laugh-out-loud memories and jaw-droppingly awesome memories to last a lifetime.

To catch up with all my latest adventures, check out my blog or tune in to my radio show, Travel Talk on the eWoman Network.

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