If you’re a busy woman yearning for a mojo-reviving getaway that nourishes your soul AND re-ignites your energy… then join us in fabulous Sedona for four glorious days of enlightenment, fun and yoga in the magnificent red rock heart of the Arizona desert.

Imagine yourself soaking up four fabulous days of relaxation, motivation and mindfulness… surrounded by the awe-inspiring natural beauty and renowned healing energies of Sedona AND the positive support and encouragement of a select handful of amazing purpose-driven women just like you.

You'll soon feel your everyday stresses melting away…

And whether your idea of bliss is a guided meditation beneath skies awash with red iridescence as the sun slips slowly beneath the horizon, or relaxing by the pool with an ice-cold drink... you will LOVE this intimate retreat.

Feelings of stress and uncertainty disappear, replaced by confidence, centeredness and clarity of vision and purpose. So you can return to your life and work feeling refreshed, re-energized and ready to totally ROCK your mission.

Welcome to the Red Rock ‘Mission, Motivation & Mojo’ 4-Day Sedona yoga getaway.

Over four fantastically fun and relaxing days in the sun-drenched heart of the Arizona desert you’ll be taking some much-needed ‘me-time’, recalibrating your goals and getting crystal clear on the higher calling that's shaping your path.

As you can see… this is NOT another run-of-the-mill yoga retreat

You’re at the center of a joyful, juicy break designed especially for women who want more from life. This fun, on purpose, one-of-a-kind of EXPERIENCE in a small intimate group of likeminded women is custom made to expand your vision of what’s possible for YOU and your life.

Get Clear.

Take a well-deserved break from the never ending busy-work of your day to day life to reflect and gather your thoughts without distractions or pressure. Feel the everyday stresses melting away as your body, mind and spirit are nourished in an atmosphere of positive energy and light-hearted inspiration.

Have Fun.

There’s nothing like a few days of fun and shared good times in a bucket-list destination to blow away the cobwebs and help you come up with dazzling ideas to move your life forward. Bucket List Retreats are specially designed to help you leverage fun and creativity to unlock the joy in your life.

Rock Your World.

They say your success is a direct reflection of the people you spend most time with. That’s why you can’t afford not to spend quality time with like-minded, high-energy women. Here, you’ll network, frolic AND harness the stunning power of the group energy to propel YOUR life to the next level.

4 completely irresistible reasons you should join us…

1) This is the PERFECT environment to get your energy aligned with your goals – so you can create serious traction in your life and work.

2) There’s no need to struggle alone anymore. NO MORE feeling frustrated and unsure, stuck on the sidelines, unable to find your clear and easy path forward.

3) The Red Rock ‘Mission & Mojo’ Yoga Retreat is JUST what you’ve been looking for to get the help you need to make big shifts in your life!

4) Plus we’ll have plenty of time to chill, play, eat delicious food, and explore our breathtaking location… and beyond.

This amazing 4-day, 3 night getaway has it all!

From soul soothing ‘me- time’, to life affirming energy shifts, to goal expanding insights...

You’ll be going home with a renewed sense of passion and purpose PLUS you’ll have a whole host of new ideas and insights you can immediately apply to your life… so you can finally make the big difference you want to make in the world:

Need more clarity on your mission and direction?
Effortlessly tap into your inner wisdom in this fun and self-nurturing environment

Tired of navigating challenges alone?
Feel supported, encouraged and inspired by fabulous women just like you

Dreaming of some precious ‘Me Time’ to re-center your energy?
Let the revitalizing energy of Sedona work its magic on your body, mind and spirit

Our Stunning Location...

Sky Ranch Lodge is a tranquil haven of hospitality overlooking Sedona and boasting the most spectacular views in all of Red Rock Country.

You'll be feasting your eyes on the awe-inspiring towering rock formations in every direction...and bear witness to blazing sunsets that can, quite literally, take your breath away.

Located on the edge of Airport Mesa, 500 feet above the town of Sedona, you'll be peacefully removed from all the hustle and bustle below... and within easy walking distance of Sedona's most famous vortex, the Airport Mesa Vortex.

The lodge itself is warm and friendly, famous for its richly landscaped grounds laced with winding pathways through lush gardens with ponds and creeks, bridges and courtyards. The garden is a perfect place for some quite time with a book or simply to think and reflect.

There’s also a heated salt water pool and hot tub where you can relax and unwind. And complimentary wi-fi. Of course.

Individual rooms are simple, spacious and comfortable.

Plus, the Sky Ranch Lodge is just minutes away from all the vibrant art galleries, spas and wonderful restaurants of downtown Sedona. Pinch me!

IN 4 AMAZING DAYS you’ll not only tap into the heartbeat of Sedona’s four incredible energy vortexes to soothe your soul, re-ignite your passion, and clarify your goals… but also share insights and ideas in the company of other purpose-driven women to uplift and expand your life.

The 4 Vortexes...

Sedona has long been known as a spiritual power center and continues to be recognized as a place of healing and spiritual renewal. It is home to four major vortex sites (the most famous of which, Airport Mesa Vortex, sits just a few hundred yards from Sky Ranch Lodge).

The vortexes in Sedona are natural geomagnetic points that create a swirling energy center radiating from the earth’s surface. Many people have reported feeling inspired by these beneficial spiritual energy sources, which are also said to facilitate balance, prayer, healing, and intuitiveness. People come from all over the world to experience this phenomenon… the energy flowing into you and through you is electric.

Vortexes are said to strengthen either the feminine side, the masculine side, or sometimes a balance of the two. The feminine side strengthens characteristics like kindness, compassion, and patience. The masculine side strengthens traits including reasoning, decisiveness, and self-confidence. A good balance will strengthen honesty, openness, intimacy and commitment.

The four major vortexes in Sedona are Airport Mesa Vortex, Cathedral Rock Vortex, Boynton Canyon Vortex and Bell Rock Vortex. Some are a little off the beaten path but all are easily accessible via gentle hiking trails. You will enjoy sweeping vistas as we visit all four stunning sites.

PLUS Grand Canyon Excursion

While we're in the neighborhood, how could we possibly resist a visit to witness the ravishing visual beauty and awe-inspiring vastness that is the Grand Canyon… one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World and renowned as one of the most powerful energetics on the planet.

This ultimate Bucket List location draws visitors from all corners of the globe to marvel at its sweeping panoramas and unearthly beauty… simultaneously inspiring and humbling even the most jaded of world travellers and leaving a lasting and profound effect.

As with all of our marvelous excursions on the Red Rock ‘Mission & Mojo’ Yoga Retreat, it's entirely optional to participate. Of course, we'd LOVE you to come but if you may feel an inner call for some quiet time, or prefer to spend a few hours exploring the town Sedona, go right ahead. It's entirely up to you… this is YOUR well-deserved getaway so feel free to follow where your heart leads you.

What am I going to get from the retreat?

At the Red Rock ‘Mission, Motivation & Mojo’ 4-Day Yoga Retreat, you will…

  • Enjoy a well-deserved break from everyday pressures, connect with nature and nourish your senses in this magnificent location
  • Nurture your body, mind and spirit with daily gentle yoga and empowering transformational workshops
  • Tap into the incredible healing energies of this wildly unique and beautiful part of the world
  • Gain clarity on your vision, passion and purpose - and learn how to confidently share your full energy with the world
  • Get insights and solutions to challenges and obstacles in your life and work - by harnessing the incredible power of group energy
  • Relax, laugh and let your hair down with a handful of the most inspiring and generous women you could hope to meet
  • Have a lot of FUN!

This retreat is for YOU if…

  • You’ve always felt drawn to Sedona... with its majestic red rocks, awe-inspiring sunsets and mesmerizing night sky
  • You're fascinated to experience first-hand the incredible healing energies of Sedona's renowned vortexes
  • You love the idea of a FUN. open-hearted adventure with a group of amazing, high-energy women
  • You're SO ready to unwind with an amazing few days of meditation, hiking and yoga with skilled experts in Sedona
  • You want to tap into the vast energy and stunning visual beauty of the Grand Canyon
  • You'd love to experience the best of Southwest culture, food, art and hospitality (without having to do ANY of the organizing) Yay!!

What's Included:

  • Three mind-calming morning yoga sessions (all-levels) overlooking the Red Rocks of Sedona - a perfect start to your inspired day
  • Four Incredible Sedona Vortex visits (Airport Mesa Vortex, Cathedral Rock Vortex, Boynton Canyon Vortex and Bell Rock Vortex) PLUS magnificent Grand Canyon Excursion
  • Three amazing personal transformation workshops - focusing on your Mission through Creativity, Intention, Presence
  • Three nights accommodation at the warm and welcoming Sky Ranch Lodge, double occupancy (yes, there are 2 beds in the rooms)
  • One Private Life Coach Session
  • All Meals Including:
  • Three delicious breakfasts at the nearby Mesa Grill
  • Three tasty lunches including lunch and pie at the famous Rock Springs Cafe
  • Three delightful dinners at popular local eateries
  • Shopping Sedona’s dazzling shops and art galleries
  • Sedona Star Gazing
  • Return transportation for our Grand Canyon excursion
  • Round Trip Transportation from Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix to and from Sedona
  • Amazing sunsets from the best viewpoint in all of Sedona
  • Game-changing insights to propel you to new levels of success in your life

What's Not Included:

  • Your round-trip airfare from home
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance
  • Other non-included items include souvenirs, fashion shopping, extra spa services or upgrades, personal phone calls, laundry, bell-boys and tips

Airport transfers:

*Please aim to arrive into Phoenix, Sky Harbour airport between noon and 2pm, when we will take the shuttle from Phoenix to Sedona.

We will be returning together to Sky Harbor airport by around 3pm on Sunday – please arrange your homeward travel with this in mind.

Meet the team…

Kelly Morgan-Merly is passionate about connection, joyous celebration, adventure and the amazing transformational power of travel. She LOVES to plan, organize and host swoon-worthy getaways in amazing locations for fabulous purpose-driven women like you… to expand your vision of what’s possible for YOU and your life. Kelly’s fun and re-energizing retreats are designed to nurture your inner wisdom, unleash your fun side and provide you with plenty of support and encouragement to build your dreams.

Dawn Hopkinsmaster yoga instructor, therapist, and trainer, delights in sharing her unique approach to wellness that integrates mind, heart, body and spirit. She approaches yoga with lightness and a playful spirit, believing that the ultimate benefit of yoga is elevate to a higher vibration so you can experience true joy and peace. Dawn has been teaching yoga since 2006 and training instructors since 2009. She is Founder and President of The Living Well Centers, providing yoga-based wellness programs, yoga instructor training, and continuing education. The Living Well Centers is based in Chandler, Arizona with additional training divisions in Detroit, Michigan and Saskatchewan, Canada.

Sheila Schultz is an advanced practitioner of artfully experiencing joy in ‘the now’, helping people to gracefully accept the gifts and experiences that life brings, and gratefully recognize the nudges that life delivers to help you recognize and embrace your higher calling. Sheila's expertise includes certifications in stress management, food as medicine, grief counseling, plant-based nutrition and a bachelor’s degree in science. But above all these she credits her success to the amazing people and experiences she is blessed to meet in her everyday life.

If you're looking for a relaxing, rejuvenating, exciting getaway in the most tranquil beautiful surroundings... this is for you. What a blessing to have met so many beautiful ladies and enjoyed such an amazing experience together! Melanie Freed

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